How to get the list of available groups of packages in RHEL/Fedora Linux?

yum has a concept called “groups” which makes the package installation a simpler step. Take for example, the group “Editors” has collection of all major editors like vim, emacs. So instead of installing each package like vim,emacs independently, you can easily install a group.

There are additional advantages of groups especially with the language support. If you want to add your native language support, you can easily do with groupinstall option of yum.

But first let’s explore the list of available groups in RHEL/Fedora. For that you must use the option grouplist option of yum

# yum grouplist
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Adding en_US to language list
Setting up Group Process
Installed Groups:
   Administration Tools
   Arabic Support
   Armenian Support
   Assamese Support
   Authoring and Publishing
   Bengali Support
   Bhutanese Support
   Chinese Support
   Dial-up Networking Support
   Electronic Lab
   Ethiopic Support
   GNOME Desktop Environment
   GNOME Software Development
   Games and Entertainment
   Georgian Support
   Graphical Internet
   Gujarati Support
   Hardware Support
   Hebrew Support
   Hindi Support
   Input Methods
   Inuktitut Support
   Japanese Support
   Kannada Support
   Kashmiri Support
   Khmer Support
   Konkani Support
   Korean Support
   Lao Support
   Legacy Fonts
   Mail Server
   Maithili Support
   Malayalam Support
   Marathi Support
   Myanmar (Burmese) Support
   Network Servers
   Oriya Support
   Printing Support
   Punjabi Support
   Russian Support
   Sanskrit Support
   Server Configuration Tools
   Sindhi Support
   Sinhala Support
   Sound and Video
   System Tools
   Tajik Support
   Tamil Support
   Telugu Support
   Text-based Internet
   Thai Support
   Urdu Support
   Venda Support
   Web Server
   X Window System
Available Groups:
   Afrikaans Support
   Albanian Support
   Amazigh Support
   Asturian Support
   Azerbaijani Support
   Basque Support
   Belarusian Support
   Books and Guides
   Bosnian Support
   Brazilian Portuguese Support
   Breton Support
   Bulgarian Support
   Catalan Support
   Chichewa Support
   Coptic Support
   Croatian Support
   Czech Support
   DNS Name Server
   Danish Support
   Development Libraries
   Development Tools
   Directory Server
   Dogtag Certificate System
   Dutch Support
   Educational Software
   Engineering and Scientific
   English (UK) Support
   Esperanto Support
   Estonian Support
   FTP Server
   Faroese Support
   Fedora Eclipse
   Fedora Packager
   Fijian Support
   Filipino Support
   Finnish Support
   Font design and packaging
   French Support
   Frisian Support
   Friulian Support
   Gaelic Support
   Galician Support
   German Support
   Greek Support
   Hiligaynon Support
   Hungarian Support
   Icelandic Support
   Indonesian Support
   Interlingua Support
   Irish Support
   Italian Support
   Java Development
   KDE Software Compilation
   KDE Software Development
   Kashubian Support
   Kazakh Support
   Kinyarwanda Support
   Kurdish Support
   Latin Support
   Latvian Support
   Legacy Network Server
   Legacy Software Development
   Lithuanian Support
   Low Saxon Support
   Luxembourgish Support
   Macedonian Support
   Malagasy Support
   Malay Support
   Maltese Support
   Manx Support
   Maori Support
   MeeGo NetBook UX Environment
   MinGW cross-compiler
   Mongolian Support
   MySQL Database
   Nepali Support
   News Server
   Northern Sotho Support
   Norwegian Support
   Occitan Support Development
   Perl Development
   Persian Support
   Polish Support
   Portuguese Support
   PostgreSQL Database
   Romanian Support
   Samoan Support
   Sardinian Support
   Serbian Support
   Slovak Support
   Slovenian Support
   Somali Support
   Southern Ndebele Support
   Southern Sotho Support
   Spanish Support
   Sugar Desktop Environment
   Swahili Support
   Swati Support
   Swedish Support
   Tagalog Support
   Tetum Support
   Tibetan Support
   Tonga Support
   Tsonga Support
   Tswana Support
   Turkish Support
   Turkmen Support
   Ukrainian Support
   Upper Sorbian Support
   Uzbek Support
   Vietnamese Support
   Walloon Support
   Web Development
   Welsh Support
   Window Managers
   Windows File Server
   X Software Development
   XFCE Software Development
   Xhosa Support
   Zulu Support

As you can see, if you are a java developer, you can install java related packages with the group “Java Development”. In the above list, you can see both installed and non-installed groups. Keep this list for reference on group installation of packages


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