How to find the available vim colorschemes?

Vim comes bundled with various colorschemes. And you can use any of these colorschemes to be set for your day to day work or to create new colorschemes. But before that you must find where are the definitions for the colorschmes

Let’s take a look in the following directory

$ ls /usr/share/vim
addons  registry  vim72  vimcurrent  vimfiles  vimrc  vimrc.tiny

You can see a directory called vim72. Depending on the version of vim installed, the directory will have different name. If version 6.4 is installed, you will see the directory vim64.

Let’s now see its contents

$ ls /usr/share/vim/vim72
colors         doc          ftplugin      indent              lang

What is important for us is the directory colors

The available color schemes can be seen in the directory colors.

$ ls /usr/share/vim/vim72/colors
blue.vim      default.vim  desert.vim   evening.vim  morning.vim  pablo.vim      README.txt  shine.vim  torte.vim
darkblue.vim  delek.vim    elflord.vim  koehler.vim  murphy.vim   peachpuff.vim  ron.vim     slate.vim  zellner.vim

You can set a colorscheme after entering vim

:colorscheme darkblue

This will set it to the colorscheme darkblue

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