Working with GoogleCL

GoogleCL provides access to a number of services from the command line.

The available services are

  1. picasa
  2. blogger
  3. youtube
  4. docs
  5. contacts
  6. calendar

To work with each of these, let’s see how googleCL works

After installing GoogleCL, enter

$ google


Now you can type any command there. Let’s start with help

$ google
> help
Welcome to the Google CL tool!
 Commands are broken into several parts:
 service, task, options, and arguments.
 For example, in the command
 "> picasa post --title "My Cat Photos" photos/cats/*"
 the service is "picasa", the task is "post", the single
 option is a title of "My Cat Photos", and the argument is the
 path to the photos.

 The available services are
'picasa', 'blogger', 'youtube', 'docs', 'contacts', 'calendar'
 Enter "> help <service>" for more information on a service.
 Or, just "quit" to quit.

To work with any service, simply type the service name and the options

>help picasa

help picasa
Available tasks for service picasa: 'get', 'create', 'list', 'list-albums', 'tag', 'post', 'delete'
 get: Download photos
 Requires: none Optional: title, query Arguments: LOCATION

 create: Create an album
 Requires: title Optional: date, summary, tags Arguments: PATH_TO_PHOTOS

 list: List photos
 Requires: delimiter Optional: title, query

 list-albums: List albums
 Requires: delimiter Optional: title

 tag: Tag photos
 Requires: tags AND (title OR query)

 post: Post photos to an album
 Requires: title Optional: tags Arguments: PATH_TO_PHOTOS

 delete: Delete photos or albums
 Requires: (title OR query)

So you can see a number of options with picasa like create, list, delete

> picasa list

The above command will display all the URLs of your photographs

> picasa list-albums

This will display only your album URLs

similarly you can work with any service and know the options

> help service-name

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