GoogleCL: Available Services

GoogleCL provides access to various services from the command line. The services provided by GoogleCL are

  1. picasa
  2. blogger
  3. youtube
  4. docs
  5. contacts
  6. calendar

At any point of time, if you want to figure out services available, simply type help in the googleCL

$ google
> help
Welcome to the Google CL tool!
  Commands are broken into several parts: 
    service, task, options, and arguments.
  For example, in the command
      "> picasa post --title "My Cat Photos" photos/cats/*"
  the service is "picasa", the task is "post", the single
  option is a title of "My Cat Photos", and the argument is the 
  path to the photos.

  The available services are 
'picasa', 'blogger', 'youtube', 'docs', 'contacts', 'calendar'
  Enter "> help <service>" for more information on a service.
  Or, just "quit" to quit.

As you can see the last few lines tell about the available services

The available services are
‘picasa’, ‘blogger’, ‘youtube’, ‘docs’, ‘contacts’, ‘calendar’

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