GoogleCL: Configuration Files

GoogleCL helps you to access the Google services from the Command line or the terminal. When you install GoogleCL, all the configuration files will be present in your home directory. Following are the configuration files present in your home directory. The name of the GoogleCL configuration directory is googlecl.

Let’s do a ls

$ ls ~/.googlecl

Thus as you can see from the output, the three configuration files are

  1. Access Tokens: There will be multiple such files depending on with how many accounts you tried to access GoogleCL. The prefix of the files are access_tok_. It will be created as soon as you give permission to GoogleCL to access your account.
  2. History: It contains a list of all the commands you entered in the GoogleCL. Thus you can make use of the arrow keys to navigate through the history of previously entered commands
  3. Configuration files: It contains various configuration of GoogleCL. The default template is shown below

list_style = title,email

spreadsheet_format = xls
format = txt
spreadsheet_editor =
presentation_format = ppt
presentation_editor =
document_format = txt

list_style = title,when

access = public

regex = True
date_print_format = %b %d %H:%M
delete_by_default = False
missing_field_value = N/A
tags_prompt = False
cap_results = False
list_style = title,url-site
delete_prompt = True
url_style = site

More about the GoogleCL config file here.

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