GoogleCL config file settings

You can know more about the files related to GoogleCL. The way you want GoogleCL to behave can be set in the file ~/googlecl/.config

A sample setting (default settings) is shown here

list_style = title,email
user =

spreadsheet_format = xls
format = txt
spreadsheet_editor =
presentation_format = ppt
presentation_editor =
document_format = txt
user =

list_style = title,when

access = public

regex = True
date_print_format = %b %d %H:%M
delete_by_default = False
missing_field_value = N/A
tags_prompt = False
cap_results = False
list_style = title,url-site
delete_prompt = True
url_style = site

GoogleCL provides access to various services from the command line.
Now take for example: Google Contacts, you can see the various contacts in the following format

list_style = title,email

That is, you will be able to see the contacts in the format: name followed by their email ID.

Let’s take a second example:

access = public

This means any upload made through GoogleCL to picassa will have public access. You can change it to private

access = private

Similarly you can choose the editor to open Google Docs files for presentation and spreadsheet. You can learn about the various settings for various services


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