json_object_array_add- Add json object to Array

json_object_array is used to add a json object to an array

The syntax of the function is

int 	json_object_array_add (struct json_object *this, struct json_object *val)

Specify the object where the json object has to be added, key and the value (json object) as the arguments

The following program shows the usage of the function

#include <json/json.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
  /*Creating a json object*/
  json_object * jobj = json_object_new_object();

  /*Creating a json array*/
  json_object *jarray = json_object_new_array();

  /*Creating json strings*/
  json_object *jstring1 = json_object_new_string("c");
  json_object *jstring2 = json_object_new_string("c++");
  json_object *jstring3 = json_object_new_string("php");

  /*Adding the above created json strings to the array*/

  /*Form the json object*/
  json_object_object_add(jobj,"Categories", jarray);

  /*Now printing the json object*/
  printf ("The json object created: %sn",json_object_to_json_string(jobj));


The output of the program is something like this

The json object created: { "Categories": [ "c", "c++", "php" ] }

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