How to insert Mathematical symbols in Vim?

You can easily add symbols like the Mathematical symbols using vim. There are many symbols commonly used in mathematics like the alpha, beta, theta, gamma symbols. In addition to this, you have the division sign. Vim provides something called digraphs- which is a two letter combination for commonly used mathematical and other symbols like the Mathematical symbol, Copyright Symbol. For every digraph, there is an associated symbol

Take for example, we want to insert the symbol Beta. The Mathematical symbol can be inserted in Vim using the characters ‘b*’

  1. Open Vim
  2. Press i to enter Insert mode
  3. Press CTRL+k
  4. You will see a Question mark symbol
  5. Enter the two letters ‘b*’
  6. And you will see the Mathematical symbol β

Other mathematical symbols are as follows

  • a* α
    b* β
    g* γ
    h* θ

You can explore more about finding other mathematical symbols


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