WordPress XMLRPC Tutorial: How to use WordPress XML-RPC?

WordPress XMLRPC provides the following functions. You can check the individual functions or make use of this Simple WordPress XMLRPC example.

  1. WordPress API
  2. Blogger API
  3. MetaWeblog API (with MT extensions to structs)
  4. MetaWeblog API aliases for Blogger API
    • metaWeblog.deletePost
    • metaWeblog.getTemplate
    • metaWeblog.setTemplate
    • metaWeblog.getUsersBlogs
  5. MovableType API
    • mt.getCategoryList
    • mt.getRecentPostTitles
    • mt.getPostCategories
    • mt.setPostCategories
    • mt.supportedMethods
    • mt.supportedTextFilters
    • mt.getTrackbackPings
    • mt.publishPost
  6. PingBack
    • pingback.ping
    • pingback.extensions.getPingbacks
  7. demo

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