WordPress Plugin/Theme Development using Eclipse

For WordPress plugin or theme development using Eclipse IDE, you can make use of the following procedure

First and foremost, you must install wordpress in localhost. Let’s suppose you have successfully installed wordpress.

WordPress Project creation in Eclipse

  1. You must install PHP plugin in Eclipse. Now after successfully installing PHP in eclipse, you will see an option to create a PHP project (in File->New)
  2. Go to File->New->PHP Project.
  3. Enter the Project name as “wordpress” (or choose any name of your choice. For the ease of our tutorial, we will continue with the name wordpress)
  4. Press finish. The project wordpress will be successfully created in your workspace. Note down the path: /home/users/workspace/wordpress (This path may be different for you)
  5. Now let’s import the wordpress files (which is under the directory /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/wordpress as given in the post here)
  6. Go to File->Import->General->File System
  7. Press Next
  8. In the From input box, browse the path (/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/wordpress) or copy that value.
  9. Now you have to tick mark the files, you want to import.
  10. Tick mark the whole wordpress directory and all the files will be imported.
  11. And now you have to specify the Into folder. This is nothing but the wordpress workspace you have just created (home/users/workspace/wordpress). Choose the folder and press Ok.
  12. Press Finish
  13. All the wordpress files have been successfully imported.
  14. Now you can work with wordpress theme or plugin development

Now you would also like to test run a wordpress development environment in Eclipse.


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