How to use PHP in Eclipse? PHP Development using Eclipse

Eclipse is mostly used for Java Development. But you can use it for development in other languages like PHP as well. To use PHP in Eclipse, you can make use of PDT (PHP Development Tool). PDT installs the necessary tools to work easily with PHP in Eclipse. To install PDT, you can download it from here. For a simpler way to install PDT in Eclipse, follow the given steps

  1. Go to Window->Preferences->Install/Update
  2. Click on Available Software Sites
  3. Press Add
  4. Enter PDT 2.2 in the Name input box
  5. Enter the following URL in the Location Input box
  6. Press Ok. Again Press Ok (Available Software Sites)
  7. Now you are done with specifying the software update sites. The above step will not install any packages. The next step is to install the package
  8. To install the PDT package, Go to Help->Install New Software.
  9. You can see a input box Work with, where you must enter or select a site.
  10. You can either enter PDT 2.2 or select the from the drop down list.
  11. The package list will be fetched. Choose the PDT 2.2 package as a whole and Press Next.
  12. You will be now redirected to a Licence agreement. If you agree, press Finish. And the packages will be installed.
  13. You may have to restart eclipse after the installation.

Probable Errors:

In case you face some errors while installing in Ubuntu 10.04, follow the instructions given here.

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