How to see the list of available packages in Ubuntu?

dpkg can be used to install the packages in Ubuntu. To see the currently available packages, there is –list (-l) option.

$ dpkg --list

| Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend
|/ Err?=(none)/Reinst-required (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name                                            Version                                         Description
ii  acpi-support                                    0.136                                           scripts for handling many ACPI events
ii  acpid                                           1.0.10-5ubuntu2                                 Advanced Configuration and Power Interface e


rc  dvipdfmx                                        1:20090115-1.2                                  A DVI to PDF translator with CJK support
ii  e2fslibs                                        1.41.11-1ubuntu2                                ext2/ext3/ext4 file system libraries

You can see the various states of the package like ii, rc which signifies the current state of a package. You can explore more about what does each status signify like ii, rc?

Take for example: if you see ii state for a package, it signifies that a package is currently installed

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